Monday, August 20, 2012


Some of you may know that my lovely hubby and I recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.  I also had my 36th birthday the same day.  I really should have rethought that one.  To celebrate we traveled to southern California to visit some good friends of ours who also watched our kids for us so we could have a couple days to ourselves.  I really was a great trip and I was sad to leave.   Here are some of the highlights. 

We broke in our new (used) van.  It was so nice to have room for a long trip.  The kids all traveled really well especially sammy who was perfectly content to watch movies and suck on his sucker. 

Just look at all that room!  They could barely reach to hold hands which means less fighting!
I love the drive to California.  

One of the days we had without kids Ben took me to the Getty Center.  This is a view of LA from the top of one of the Centers buildings.  On a fun note it was super windy that day and there were soooo many girls with very short flouncy skirts on.  I saw more panties that day than I have in my whole life.  My hubby however missed out because he found a quiet corner and snoozed most of the time we were there. 

Saw this on on our way to dinner one evening.  Umm creepy much?

We walked the Promenade (outdoor shopping center)  in Santa Monica our first night away from kids.  It was so relaxing and there were tons of street musicians.  So fun.  Here is a lovely view of the beach just to the north of the pier. 

We ate tons of very yummy food.  

After our alone time we headed back to Hemet and hung out with our friends and their kids.  We drove up to Oak Glen together for some berry picking. 

Of course you cant have a trip to California without hittin the beach. I hate the beach. Sharks live nearby.  My kids however love it and have absolutely no fear.  They caught sand crabs by the dozen and some waves as well.  

It was good to get away for a while and relax.  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's hard to believe that July is over already.  It went so stinking fast and now I'm having to think about school supplies and uniforms.  Well before I start having a panic attack about sending my oldest off to school for the first time in years lets take a look back at the last few weeks. :) 

Bumble Monsters made an appearance.  I love these guys.  They were a  crazy science experiment gone awry. Unfit for their original purpose of world domination (they are too 
cute and sweet for that) they have been released from the laboratory and are now looking for loving homes.

Got a custom order for my biggest monster yet!  This gal was huge, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.  My kids want everything I make and Hannah had a little fit when I told her for the fourth or fifth time that this wasn't for her.  I guess I need to make another one. 

Oh and then there was this little monster. He was a custom monster and I love love love that my customer had me add a tie.  I drew a picture for my coloring pages of a monster with a tie and she loved it and had me add it to the plush.  I think it turned out pretty cute. 

I did get a little down time here and there even if it was just running to the grocery store by myself or taking the kids out for a little ice cream treat.  I love love love this picture of Sammy and his Daddy.  We got Sam an ice-cream cone but once he got a look at daddy's huge shake he just had to have it and handed over his cone. :)  

We got our first basket of goodies from Bountiful Baskets last week.  It was full of yummy fresh fruit and veggies along with five loaves of the most amazing organic 9 grain bread.  I couldn't wait to dig in so I made us a meal made almost entirely from the basket.  Not pictured is the Rosemary Chicken and potatoes I made.  Yummy.  

We are getting ready to take a little vacation for a little family time and freedom before school starts again and we have to resume some sort of normal schedule like going to bed before 1am, or getting dressed before noon if at all. :)   My poor kids wont know what to do once I pack the pool away and they have to wear normal clothes and do math again. :)